Titanium Bipolar Plates – Ensuring Efficient Current Flow and Energy Conversion

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells are becoming increasingly popular due to their high efficiency in hydrogen production through water electrolysis. In this advanced and environmentally friendly energy technology, titanium bipolar plates play a crucial role. As one of the key components of fuel cells, titanium bipolar plates are indispensable in current collection, conduction, and gas flow. As a professional manufacturer of titanium materials, we are committed to providing excellent quality titanium bipolar plates to meet the diverse needs of various battery environments.

Titanium bipolar plates are designed with a sophisticated structure of etched smooth channels and thick metal separator plates. They are used to match the required power voltage by serially stacking multiple electrolyte cell units. This not only ensures efficient collection and conduction of current, but also provides smooth gas channels between the electrolyte cell units.

Our titanium bipolar plates are designed to enhance the performance and stability of fuel cells, making them the ideal choice for various battery applications.

Four titanium bipolar plates placed on a foam board.

Titanium bipolar plates


  • Current Collection and Conduction: Titanium bipolar plates serve as the pathway for the flow of current in the fuel cell, ensuring efficient collection and conduction of the current generated by the hydrogen-oxygen reaction to support the normal operation of the cell.
  • Gas Flow Channels: Serving as gas flow channels, titanium bipolar plates ensure that hydrogen and oxygen can flow separately to the cathode and anode of the cell, thereby promoting electrochemical reactions.
  • Prevention of Gas Mixing: To ensure the safe operation of the cell, titanium bipolar plates physically isolate the cathode and anode, preventing the mixing of hydrogen and oxygen, thereby eliminating adverse reactions and energy loss.
  • Support and Fixation: In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the system, titanium bipolar plates provide a stable structural framework that allows for proper support and fixation of other components.
An exploded view diagram of a PEM fuel cell, indicating the position of the titanium bipolar plates.


  • Material: TA1, TA2, and TC4
  • Size:Thickness 0.1–10 mm, customized according to the drawings
  • Type: Etching / Chemical Machining, Other Machining Services
  • Surface: Smooth and flat surface
  • Surface treatment: MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide), platinum plating, iridium plating, ruthenium plating, etc., depending on customer application requirements
  • Process requirements: Annealing and pressure leveling, no defects, inclusions, or scratches on the plate surface

We can provide customized Titanium Bipolar Plates according to customer requirements to meet the special requirements of different applications. If you have any questions about our Titanium Bipolar Plates or other products, or need customized services, please feel free to contact us. We will be dedicated to providing you with support and solutions.

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