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Perforated Metal Layer Increases Rigidity for Filter

A multi-layered sintered wire mesh laminate with perforated metal.
Sintered mesh with one layer of perforated mesh panel combined, enhances the whole mechanical strength.

Sintered mesh with perforated metal, also named perforated metal sintered wire mesh, is a kind of compound sintered mesh which fits precise filtration and the need to protect the filtration layer. It is produced by combing several layers of stainless steel woven wire meshes and then sintering them to one piece of perforated metal. The support of a perforated metal sheet makes the sintered mesh extremely resistant to pressure and offers high compressive and mechanical strength. The perforated metal laminate varies in thickness and the opening of the hole size, the woven wire mesh can be one or more layers, which all fit the need of real application. Perforated metal sintered wire mesh can also be processed into different shapes, like chip, conical, cylinders, disc and tube. Owing to its outstanding permeability and great strength, it plays an important role in diverse filtration applications such as gas and liquid separation, recycle of solid particles, etc.

One perforated metal sintered filter, one layer of perforated metal, four square woven wire meshes sintered together.
Five layers structure, adding perforated metal layer as the strong base, the perforated sintered mesh has high mechanical strength.
Detailed description of one sintered mesh with perforated plate, at least three square woven meshes are sintered together.
Perforated metal sintered filter details presented, the perforated plate works as reinforcing layer, making the whole structure stronger.
A sintered tube with perforated metal, the edge is binded with metal.
Perforated metal sintered wire mesh can be welded into tube shape for some special purposes.
One perforated metal sintered filter with a metal handle welded at the top.
Perforated metal sintered filter with a handle for easy transport.
The left perforated sintered filter has a metal handle with rectangular opening perforated metal, the right perforated sintered hasn't handle, with round opening perforated metal.
Two perforated metal sintered filters with different perforated openings.
One cylindrical sintered filter, the outer layer is perforated metal, the top has special design, with metal edging.
A sintered mesh with perforated metal can be fabricated into cylindrical shape with special top design.


  • High mechanical strength makes the sintered mesh full of rigidity.
  • High corrosion and abrasion resistance prolongs its service life.
  • Easy for cutting, bending, welding or other processes.
  • Precise filtration for great permeability.
  • Continuous operating temperature ranges from -20 °C to 600 °C.
  • Easy to be back washed.


  • Material
    • Perforated metal plate: Stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 L.
    • Wire mesh: Stainless steel 316 L or stainless steel 316.
    • Apart from the above materials, some special alloys are also available.
  • Filter rating: 1 micron to 300 micron.
  • Standard sheet size: 500 mm × 1000 mm, 600 mm × 1200 mm, 1000 mm × 1000 mm, 1200 mm × 1200 mm, 1180 mm × 1450 mm, 1200 mm × 1500 mm, other sizes can be customized, free samples are available too.

Perforated metal sintered filter is widely used in many industries where fine particles need to be filtered under extremely high pressure environment. These industries involves chemistry, pharmacy, petroleum, aviation, food, metallurgy, etc.

Packing detail
Generally, for the sake of customers, the goods are firstly packaged by wrapping bubble plastic film to avoid deformation and damage in the process of transportation, and then packaged in fumigation-free wooden cases, whose legs can be adjusted to an optimized height to supply easy handling by forklift trucks.

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