Titanium Sintered Porous Plates as Electrode Plates for PEM Pure Water Electrolyzer

Titanium sintered porous plate is a new type of high-efficiency porous filter material made of high-quality spherical industrial high-purity titanium powder (99.4%) as raw material, through the process of powder classification, molding, sintering, mechanical welding processing, etc.

Titanium sintered porous plate is the key component of the PEM pure water electrolyzer. As an electrode plate, it acts as a catalyst for the hydrogen production reaction in the electrolyzer, using electric current to decompose water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. It is an electrode material that acts as a catalyst to accelerate the reaction that makes water produce hydrogen.

11 rectangular titanium sintered porous plates

Boegger Titanium Sintered Porous Plate

  • Specification
    • Material: 0A puretitanium powder
    • Surface treatment: Platinized and iridium oxide coated
    • Filter rating: 5 µm – 80 µm
    • Porosity: 25% – 45%
    • Penetrability: 3–800 m3/m2hkPa
    • Working pressure: 2.5 MPa
    • Working temperature: 300 °C
    • Shape: Round disc, sheet, tube, round bar, cap
    • Specific surface area: 10–40 cm2/cm3
  • Features
    • Uniform opening size, stable opening space, and high separation efficiency
    • High porosity, low filtration resistance, high permeation efficiency
    • Good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance
    • Stable morphological structure, no particle shedding, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements
    • Good mechanical performance, low differential pressure, and high flow rate
    • Strong anti-microbial ability, no interaction with microorganisms
    • In-line regeneration, easy to clean, and long service life
    • Excellent biocompatibility and widely used in the biological, food, pharmaceutical, and medical industries
    • Excellent electromagnetic wave shielding performance
    • Good damping characteristics and impact resistance
  • Application

    Titanium sintered porous plates used in hydrogen production electrolyzers can provide efficient and reliable catalytic performance in other applications. Some common applications of titanium sintered porous plates include:

    • Hydrogen production: Titanium sintered porous plates serve as the catalyst for the hydrogen production reaction in electrolyzers, splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using electric current.
    • Fuel cells: Titanium sintered porous plates are also used in fuel cells as electrode material, facilitating chemical reactions that produce electricity from hydrogen and oxygen.
    • Water treatment: Titanium sintered porous plates are used in water treatment applications to generate hydrogen peroxide or ozone for use as disinfectant or oxidant.
    • Electrochemical synthesis: Titanium sintered porous plates can be used in various electrochemical synthesis processes to facilitate the production of chemicals and materials such as chlorine, caustic soda, and hydrogen peroxide.
    • Environmental remediation: Titanium sintered porous plates are used in environmental remediation applications to degrade contaminants such as chlorinated solvents and pesticides.
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