Titanium Powder Sintered Filter – Better Filtration & Chemical Properties

Titanium powder sintered plate is also known as sintered metal power plate and microporous plate. It is a porous material made of spherical and irregular metal or alloy powders that are mixed, supressed, and sintered by high temperature forming using powder metallurgy technology. Compared to other types of filter materials, titanium powder sintered plates have higher pressure resistance and can be used in a wider range of temperature environments.


Titanium Powder
Rating Micron
5–8 μm
25% – 45%
Air Permeability
3–800 m2/h
Working Pressure
2.5 MPa
Heat Resistance
300 °C
Titanium powder sintered plates


  • Uniform aperture size, stable aperture space, high separation efficiency
  • Good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation
  • Stable morphology, no particle shedding, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements
  • Good mechanical properties, low differential pressure and high flow rate
  • Strong anti-microbial ability, no interaction with microorganisms

Main Application

Titanium powder sintered plate is used for filtration.
Radioactive particles filtration in the atomic energy industry
It is used in filters to purify liquids and gases by using the characteristics of its uniform aperture size. For example, it is used to purify fuel oil and air in airplanes and automobiles, to filter various liquids and gases in the chemical industry, and to filter radioactive particles in discharged gases in nuclear energy industry.
Titanium powder sintered plate is used in electrolytic water.
Using its chemical properties, the application in electrochemistry, such as in PEM water electrolysis technology, the anode material in the gas diffusion layer mostly uses titanium powder sintered plate. It has excellent electrical conductivity, catalytic antioxidant properties in PEM water electrolyzer, and can meet PEM water electrolysis long life operation requirements. And it has greater advantages of reducing the cost and improving the performance of PEM water electrolyzer.

Other Application

Different kinds of filters for liquid medicine filtration.
Liquid medicine deoxidation and filtration
Clean water tank in water purification plant
Odor sterilization in water treatment industry
Electronic circuit board
Ultra-pure water reverse osmosis system pre-filtration in the electronic industry.
Oil field under exploitation
Petroleum products final filtration in petroleum industry.
Plane in flight
High pressure air filtration in aerospace industry

Technology Interpretation

Powder sintering, one of the widely used methods for manufacturing titanium alloys based on powder metallurgy.

In this method, the raw titanium powder is thoroughly mixed with other alloy elements using a suitable powder mixer, and then the mixture is compacted under high pressure and finally sintered.

The sintering operation is carried out at high temperature and high pressure to combine the powder particles with each other, resulting in small changes. When the temperature is well regulated, a material with uniform aperture size can be produced.

Powder sintering technology
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