Sintered Powder Filter Element Separates Particulate Impurities in Liquids & Gases

Sintered powder filter element is made of metal powder as raw material without adding adhesive. Formed under isostatic cool pressing and sintered with high temperature vacuum. The pore size and distribution of the element can be adjusted by selecting the metal powder particle size and process parameters. The pore structure, material composition, pressure strength, and other characteristics of different filtration materials are used to develop filtration products that are ultimately suitable for the user's needs.

Multiple sintered powder filter elements stacked together

Working Principle

Sintered powder filter element can realize micron-level precision filtration, can separate solid particles in the liquid, gas impurities, when the fluid passes through a certain degree of accuracy of the element, the impurities are blocked on the surface of the element to form a filter cake, pure fluid through the element outflow, so that the contaminated live impurity-containing fluids filtration to the state of the normal production required to ensure that downstream devices to obtain a pure product to live to protect the normal operation of the equipment.

Different from the non-metallic sintered element is that when the surface of the sintered power filter element of the filter cake reaches a certain thickness, because of its high strength performance characteristics, so through a certain reverse pressure on the element to backwash or blowback method to clean the element, the element can be used again.


  • Materials: Stainless steel, nickel, titanium, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy B, C, and X
  • Outer diameter: 10–200 mm
  • Filtration rate: 0.22–100 μm
  • Working temperature: ≤ 900 °C
  • Length: According to customer needs
  • Gasket material: PTFE, Viton, silicone rubber, EPDM, NBR


  • Shapes
    • Tubular element
      Drawing labeling for tubular-A1 sintered powder filter element
      Drawing labeling for tubular-A2 sintered powder filter element
      Drawing labeling for tubular-A3 sintered powder filter element
      Drawing labeling for tubular-A4 sintered powder sintered filter element
    • Flat element
      Drawing labeling for flat sintered powder filter element
  • Connection
    • M42, 32, 30, 20
    • 215
    • DOE (double open)
    • 226
    • 222
    • Threads (NPT, BSP, G, M, and R)
    • Flange
    • Rod
    • Quick-access port
    • Other customized connections
    8 connection types of metal powder sintered powder filter elements


  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Good air permeability and separation
  • High temperature resistance, up to 900 °C
  • Good mechanical properties and thermal conductivity
  • Back washable and durable
  • Stable shape and high element strength
  • Good filtration performance due to average pore size and particle size


  • Catalyst filtration
  • Boiling vaporization bed
  • Fly ash treatment
  • Liquid flushing bubbles
  • Filtration of liquids and gases
  • Balance and dampen airflow
  • Filtration in food and beverage
  • Probe protection for sensors
  • Filtration of mother liquid recovery in PTA production
  • Filtration and muffling in pneumatic equipment
  • Gas homogenization and pneumatic conveying in the powder industry, etc.
  • Prevent flame spreading and explosions in systems that handle flammable gases or fluids.

Products Display

10 sintered powder filter elements placed on a flat plate
Multiple connected sintered powder filter elements placed vertically on the ground
Measure the entire length of a sintered powder filter element with vernier caliper
4 vertically placed sintered powder filter elements
7 sintered powder filter elements displayed on a wooden box
Sintered powder filter elements neatly arranged in wooden boxes
Powder sintered filter element with external threads at five joints
A powder sintered filter element with a conical head on top
3 consumable powder sintered filter elements with support rods
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