MMO Coated Titanium Electrodes – Ensuring Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Reaction Efficiency

Hydrogen electrolysis is a process that uses electricity to break down water into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2). MMO coated titanium anodes are the anode part of hydrogen electrolysis. MMO coated titanium anodes are also known as dimensionally stable anodes, where MMO is an abbreviation for mixed metal oxide.

MMO coated titanium anodes have a longer service life than conventional anodes. Its mixed metal oxide coating protects the titanium anode from corrosion and prolongs its life. In addition, the coating increases the surface area of the anode, which improves reaction efficiency and ensures efficient operation over time. This allows the use of higher current densities and lower operating voltages, thereby reducing energy consumption and operating costs.

Overall, MMO coated titanium anode is a highly efficient option, especially for hydrogen production processes. It is suitable for use in a wide range of environments, including seawater, brackish water, fresh water, carbon backfill, concrete, sandy soil, etc.

6 pieces of MMO coated titanium anode plates

MMO coated titanium anode plates


  • Material: Titanium of Gr1 as base material, MMO as coating
  • Coating metal: Ru-Ir, Ir-Ta, Ru-Ir-Sn, Ru, PbO2, and Pt (platinum)
  • Coating thickness: 0.1–15 μm
  • Type: sheet/mesh/tube/rod/felt, different sizes and shapes available or according to client drawings
  • Working parameters:
    • Current density: ≤ 2,000 A/m2
    • Working current range: < 15,000 A/m2
    • Working environment: pH 0.1–14
    • Maximum content of fluoride ion: 200 PPM


MMO coated titanium anodes can be used in various electrolytic hydrogen production components or equipment in the form of plates, meshes, tubes, rods, and felts.

A bunch of PEM electrolytic hydrogen production components placed on the shelves.

MMO coated titanium anodes for PEM Hydrogen Electrolysis Cell

Electrolyzer inside the project with rod-shaped MMO coated titanium anodes

Rod shaped MMO coated titanium anode for electrolyzer


  • The coating is firmly bonded to the titanium-based substrate, making the electrolytic water chemical reaction stable.
  • The product has stable performance in use, high current, low operating voltage, and low energy consumption.
  • Used in precious metal plating baths, and uniform coating.
  • High catalytic properties to promote and accelerate the electrochemical reaction.
  • Effective production efficiency to reduce the cost of PEM components.
  • High corrosion resistance, and longer working life.


Step 1: Substrate Treatment
Roughing, cleaning, and degreasing are required for treatment, which can increase the denseness of catalyzing.

Step 2: Brushing & Drying
After substrate treatment, brushing will be performed. The main cladding is platinum group metal, a kind of mixed solution.

Step 3: Heat Treatment
Do heat treatment after drying.
Note: The process needs to be repeated several times. This method is better able to form a thin oxide catalyst layer that adheres to the substrate surface in a layered fashion.

Products Display

Measure MMO coated titanium anode plate width with vernier calipers as 104.96 mm

Width measurement

Measure MMO coated titanium anode plate length with vernier calipers as 132.43 mm

Length measurement

Measure MMO coated titanium anode plate thickness with vernier calipers as 0.60 mm

Thickness measurement

Measure MMO coated titanium anode plate thickness with vernier calipers

Thickness measurement

Detect a piece of MMO coated titanium anode plate sample with a tool

Sample detection

Chemical composition of the MMO coated titanium anode plate on the screen

Chemical composition detection

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