Sintered Bronze Filters for Sound Reduction & Exhaust Gas Throttle

Sintered bronze filter is a kind of filter made of spherical bronze powder particles selected and sintered, which is known as a sintered powder filter, sintered copper powder filter element, sintered bronze porous filter, muffler, silencer, copper powder filter, etc.

It has good permeability filtration performance and high filtration accuracy, as well as certain strength and toughness. In addition, it can be used at temperatures up to 300 °C. Compared with filters made of paper, copper wire mesh, and other fiber cloths, sintered bronze filters have superior performance and are easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, automobile, tractor, aircraft, ship industry, etc. It can also be used to filter gas, liquid, and fuel oil. In addition, it can also produce porous elements of various shapes, structures, particle sizes, and porosities according to the requirements of users, such as cover, cap, sheet, tube, and rod filter elements, and is used in a large number of filter elements for pneumatic and hydraulic circuits.

Sintered bronze filter in various shapes


  • Normal Silencer
    A silver SSDV normal silencer
    A copper-colored BSL-A normal silencer
    A copper-colored BSL-B normal silencer
    A copper-colored V-A normal silencer
    A copper-colored V-B normal silencer
    A copper-colored BSL-SSM normal silencer
    A copper-colored SD normal silencer
    A copper-colored SP normal silencer
    A silver BSL-SSA normal silencer
    A silver BSL-SEB normal silencer
    A silver BSL-SSM normal silencer
    A silver BSL-SEBM normal silencer
    A copper-colored SBE normal silencer
    A copper-colored SC normal silencer
    A copper-colored SCQ normal silencer
  • Silencer Throttle Valve
    A PDK sintered bronze filter with silencer throttle valve
    A B sintered bronze filter with silencer throttle valve
    A C sintered bronze filter with silencer throttle valve
    A PS sintered bronze filter with silencer throttle valve
  • Sintered Filter Sheet
    6 sintered filter discs
    A square sintered filter sheet
    4 sintered filter discs with holes
  • Customized Element
    An inverted customized element with external thread
    3 cylinder customized elements
    3 customized elements with internal thread placed at different angles


  • High filtration accuracy. 5–50 μm
  • Material saving. One-time molding, no cutting, and high utilization of raw materials
  • High mechanical strength. Good rigidity, plasticity, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance
  • Good air permeability. Suitable for fluid distribution, homogenization, and other occasions requiring high uniformity
  • Simple and convenient installation and maintenance. Simple installation and use, easy maintenance, good assembly, can be welded, bonded, and machined.


Sintered bronze filter is often used for medium purification and flow limitation of pneumatic components, lubricating oil, fuel oil, hydraulic pneumatic system, compressed air degreasing and purification, crude oil desanding and filtration, nitrogen-hydrogen (sulfur-free) filtration, pure oxygen filtration, bubble generator, and boiling bed gas distribution.

Production Process

The bottle contains the raw bronze material used in the sintered bronze filter.
Step 1 Prepare raw bronze material.
A container filling with bronze powder
Step 2 Fill the container with bronze powder.
Pour the powder into the high temperature furnace for sintering.
Step 3 High temperature sintering
Precision processing of sintered bronze filters with precision instruments
Step 4 Precision processing
Dimensioning of sintered bronze filters with vernier caliper
Step 5 Dimensional inspection
Sintered bronze filters are tested for filtration accuracy.
Step 6 Filtration accuracy test
Install the components on sintered bronze filters.
Step 7 Component assembly
Place the assembled sintered bronze filters in clear plastic bags.
Step 8 Packaging with clear plastic bags
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