FeCrAl Sintered Fiber Felt With 3D Mesh Porous Structure

FeCrAl sintered fiber felt is a multilayer metal felt made of micron metal fibers sintered at high temperatures, whose different pore size layers form a pore gradient, thus achieving extremely high filtration accuracy and greater dirt holding capacity than the single-layer fiber felt. The material features three-dimensional mesh, porous structure, high porosity, large surface area, uniform distribution of pore size, etc., which can continuously maintain the filtering effect of the filter cloth. Compared with metal mesh, which is easy to block and damage, powder filtration products that are easy to break and have a small flow rate, and filter paper and filter cloth that are not resistant to temperature and pressure and other defects. FeCrAl sintered fiber felt has excellent filtration performance, high temperature resistance performance, corrosion resistance performance, high precision, and it is an ideal filtration material.

Multiple FeCrAl sintered fiber felts each with 2 holes of different sizes


  • Combustion series of FeCrAl sintered fiber felts. They are widely used in boiler renovation, gas air conditioning, glass annealing, food baking, ovens, heaters, charcoal coated paper industry, drying industry, etc.
  • Purification series of FeCrAl sintered fiber felts. They are used in the chemical industry and Euro IV standard diesel car exhaust emission devices.
  • High temperature dust removal series of FeCrAl sintered fiber felts. They are used in steel, electric power, waste incineration, and other harsh dust removal of high temperature environments.


  • High temperature resistance
  • Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
  • High porosity and excellent permeability
  • Large capacity to hold dirt and high filtration accuracy
  • Can be cleaned and regenerated with multiple uses and a longer service life
  • Strong resistance to thermal shock


  • Standard material: 00Cr20A16 FeCrAl Fiber
  • Standard supply size: 500 mm × 1,500 mm
  • Special specifications are on request.
Table 1: FeCrAl Sintered Fiber Felts Chemical Composition
Cr C Fe Mn Si Al S P Cu
19.0–22.0 ≤ 0.04 Residual ≤ 0.04 ≤ 0.60 5.0–6.2 ≤ 0.025 ≤ 0.025 ≤ 0.12
Table 2: FeCrAl Sintered Fiber Felts Specification & Performance
Item Filtration Accuracy μm
Bubbling Point Pressure
Dirt Holding Capacity
Breaking Strength
Fundamental Value Deviation Fundamental Value Deviation Fundamental Value Deviation Fundamental Value Deviation Fundamental Value Deviation Fundamental Value Deviation
FeCrAl-1 5 6800 0.1 47 0.1 75 0.1 5 0.1 0.3 0.1 32 0.1
FeCrAl-2 7 5200 63 76 6.5 0.3 36
FeCrAl-3 10 3700 105 75 7.8 0.37 32
FeCrAl-4 15 2450 205 79 8.6 0.4 23
FeCrAl-5 20 1900 280 80 15.5 0.48 23
FeCrAl-6 25 1550 355 80 19 0.62 20
FeCrAl-7 30 1200 520 80 26 0.63 23
FeCrAl-8 40 950 670 78 29 0.68 26
FeCrAl-9 60 630 1300 85 36 0.62 28


  • Coal chemical industry: fly ash filtration
  • Analyzing instrument: muffling sound and smoothing airflow
  • Gas purification: steam, compressed air, and catalyst filtration
  • Machinery industry: gas welding technology (stop flame flashback valve), and explosion-proof
  • Polysilicon industry: catalyst filtration, high temperature gas filtration, exhaust gas emission filtration, and gas dust removal filtration
  • Water treatment industry: removal of mechanical impurities, water purification, filtration after ozone sterilization, and ozone aeration
  • Food industry: clarification and filtration of milk, beverages, beer, mineral water, vegetable oil, etc.
  • Electronic industry: filtration of water for electronics, microelectronics, and semiconductor industries.
  • Oil refining industry: reflux water filtration in oil field, security filtration before reverse osmosis in seawater desalination field
  • Pharmaceutical & chemical industry: filtration for the removal of impurities from raw materials, decarburization, decolorization filtration and precision filtration of pharmaceutical intermediates, filtration and separation of precious metal catalysts, and purification and filtration of catalytic gases
  • Petrochemical industry: terminal filtration of petroleum products and filtration of chemical carbon and alkali liquids, filtration of organic solution of alcohol, filtration of gas oil of heavy coker, filtration of hydrocracking circulating oil
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